Paid Advertising Services

Campaign creation

How can I increase traffic? Drive online purchase? Generate leads?

I can build or restructure your account, following a naming convention and structure that corresponds to your business goals. Having experience in managing PPC campaigns, it makes ongoing management simpler and optimisations more effective.

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Account set-up

Creation of your account and complete set-up, implementation of the conversion tracking according to your marketing goals, Google Analytics account linking and so fourth.

Campaigns creation

Definition and creation of your targeting and ad copies, extensions and bidding strategies.

A multilingual solution

For an international approach, services are being offered in English, French and Japanese.

Paid Advertising

Search, Display, Retargeting, Mobile-first, Shopping and Video advertising.

Google advertising Bing advertising yahoo advertising youtube advertising

Paid Social Advertising

Always-on campaigns and Paid posts.

linkedin advertising twitter advertising instagram advertising facebook advertising

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Monitoring & Optimisation

How can I optimise my campaigns? Why is this sudden drop? Is it a correct result? What is the best messaging to approach them?

There is nothing worse that knowing your campaigns don’t ”work well” but not knowing how to optimize them. I help you deal with that by monitoring and optimizing your ongoing campaigns for profitable results.

PPC Campaigns Management

PPC Campaigns Management - day-to-day monitoring including budget and main KPIs follow-up, bid optimisation and targeting strategy adjustment.

CRO-focused actions
"Conversion Rate Optimisation"

Improvement of the campaigns with targeted and measurable actions.

A/B testing

Experimentation and testing are the core part of any online campaign management and can be performed at any level: ad copies, landing pages, keywords, etc.

Analytics & Reporting

Who are my website visitors? How did they find my website? What were they looking for?

Ideas have to come from somewhere, but when they come from your data, they become more effective. Inescapable step of any marketing campaign creation is the analysis of campaign results that will help you to know what to do next, how to improve your ongoing campaigns and what to avoid in the future. To do that, I have selected and worked on effective tools, so you don't have to take care of it.

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Google Data Studio reporting

Allows you to keep an eye on your main performance at any time, whenever you need.

Weekly and Monthly update

Get a good understanding of what is successful campaigns and if you reached your goals.

Deep analysis of your data

Powered by Google Analytics. Great overview of your online website visitors.

All my reporting are fully detailed explanations:

  • Business goals KPIs analysis (budget, traffic, conversion or purchase, Cost-per-Acquisition, ROAS), SQR (search terms reporting) to understand what the users search online.
  • Auction Analysis to understand how you compete with the other advertisers.
  • Impression share analysis to understand how you can improve you position on the results pages or other engines, etc.

Advertising Campaign Process

Totally new? We will first define your marketing goals, a budget and the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) which are measurable values demonstrating how effectively you are achieving key business objectives.

If you are already advertising online, I will perform an account health check and I will recommend optimisations relevant to the business.

At the end of this audit, you will be able to have a clear view of your advertising strategy, a clear budget and a forecast trend of your KPIs.

From the account creation to a complete account restructure, I will deploy the overall advertising plan according to the audit and perform the optimisations to achieve the digital marketing goals forecasted.

This step also includes administrative tasks, conversion tracking implementation and campaigns creation (selection of relevant keywords and ad copies).

With a total transparency, get access to your campaign performance and budget spent at any time.

Additionally, I provide a weekly and a monthly reporting with detailed insights and new campaign opportunities to continuously grow your business.


  • I don’t know where to start…
  • How much will it cost to start a campaign?
  • How long does it take to start my first campaign?
  • How could I be sure it is not just sweet-talk?
  • How much do you charge?

Let's talk about working together!

Whether you are a startup, an agency, a small or large company, you can hire my expertise for a long-term assignment or short-term support as an extra SEA Consultant.

All depends on your needs.

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